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Your community's journey to good health starts here.

3 easy steps to begin a health care co-op in your community.

Steps to begin

1. Start talking to the members of your community about the importance of health, particularly the need to combat diabetes and hypertension in your area.


2. Encourage the formation of a co-op society to address these two diseases. We prefer to work with community associations of not less than thirty members.

i. Choose a name for the association.

ii. Select leadership.

iii. Open a bank account in the name of your association.

iv. Decide on membership monthly dues for your association.

Let us know about your association.

Thank You. We will contact you shortly.

3. Fill out this form about your association and we will contact you to arrange the delivery of your community diabetes and hypertension health starter box.


What's in our community diabetes-hypertension health starter box.

Starter box
  • 1 digital weighing scale.

  • 2-4 Glucometers.

  • 2-3 Boxes of 50 glucose test strips.

  • 1 box of 100 pairs of gloves.

  • 1 box of 100 alcohol prep pads.

  • 1 box of  300 blood Lancets.

  • 1 Samsung GSM tablet.

  • 1 Samsung tablet protective cover.

The asibiti community blood sugar and blood pressure monitor application

Mobile app
Copy of asibiti_appmockup_edited.jpg

The Asibiti app is an easy-to-use mobile application that is installed on the provided Samsung tablet. It is used to record the blood pressure and blood sugar measurements of the members of the association during every meeting.

You do not need an internet connection or data usage during data entry. An internet connection is only required during data upload.

We will contact the coordinator or whomever your association designates as the records keeper to train him or her on how to use the application for accurate data collection. 

Your information is guarded and not shared with a third party. Read our privacy policy.

  • Can I start an association if I don't have hypertension or diabetes?
    Yes. Diabetes and hypertension don't have symptoms at their onsets. Being a member of a health co-op association means you are checking your blood pressure and blood sugar regularly. You will know when you have either or both diseases at the early stage, and before they begin to damage your organs.
  • Why monthly membership dues?
    Your association will need money to replace the batteries in the devices and pay for the phone service (data) needed to upload the information collected using the Samsung tablet. Your dues keep your association alive.
  • Do I get the same medication(s) I have been taking?
    We will try to provide the same medication(s) you have, especially if they work well in controlling your hypertension and or diabetes. Medications for hypertension and or diabetes are provided to members every 90 days. We ensure that you don't run out of medications.
  • How do I learn more about diabetes and hypertension?
    We have useful information on diabetes and hypertension in the 3 most popular languages in Nigeria, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, on this website. You can also ask your association's leadership for printed materials in these languages.
  • What does the name asibiti mean?
    Asibiti is the word for hospital in Hausa language.
  • How does my association open a Nigerian bank account?
    You don't need a corporate registration to open a bank account for your association. From the experience of the existing associations, you need to provide the following documents to open an account: A letter of introduction from your community leader or chief (chief's letterhead paper). An application letter (on the association's letterhead paper). Minutes of a meeting (on the association's letterhead paper). Resolution letter (on the association's letterhead paper). The signatories are required to provide proof of identity. Also, talk to your bank about their requirements. Below are sample letters from an association. Modify and use freely.
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